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Inspired by the clear vision of spinning specific information dissemination and based on logical quality market research, we found out a need for a spinning specific magazine, which can offer exclusive coverage on the spinning industry and thus the idea of Spinning Textiles took place.
Spinning textiles is a genuine attempt to create a common language called SPINNING, which can serve as a "spinning knowledge platform". Due to its spinning specific positioning, Spinning Textiles addresses loyal readers who are either the decision makers or influencers in the spinning industry.
There are various magazines available around the world to understand the textile trade, which can offer you the choices of region specific and subject specific knowledge, whereas we have dedicated our proposition to only one specific category and that is SPINNING.
To create a spinning knowledge platform.
Constant efforts to enhance information on the spinning industry all through the years, which will in turn help add value to all business associates. 
textile Spinning potential
Spinning is a very huge textile business category and contributes substantially, India alone accounts for 34 million spindles and 395000 rotors.